Riding the Top Brand Wave: How Retail is Making a Splash

In the world of promotional products, the debate over recognizable brands is heating up. While generic products have a clear advantage when it comes to cost-effectiveness, there are other angles to consider.

Brand Name or Generic?

Commanding big impressions sometimes requires a bigger name. The values of your own carefully crafted brand are always reflected in the products you choose to promote it. Strategically placing your logo on a high-end product can instantly elevate your brand and show the end-user how much you value them and your company.

This may be one of the reasons why customers are increasingly demanding higher-quality products that won’t be banished to a junk drawer or the back of a closet as soon as they arrive home. Products like apparel and drinkware that are valued and used frequently by the recipient have the potential to be seen thousands of times as they travel through the world, from the gym to the workplace and beyond. For this reason, it is important to consider cost per unit as well as cost per impression.

Heading into 2021, MOTIF has rounded up five of our favourite retail brands offering high-end apparel and goods for customization.


One of the most recognizable logos in the world, the Nike swoosh is synonymous with sporting excellence. Nike’s promo offerings include a wide range of polished but effortless Dri-FIT essentials like polos, pullovers, hats and half-zips that work just as well on the golf course as in the office. We can work with you to seamlessly incorporate your logo on the garments of your choice to ensure that your corporate apparel always looks and feels elevated.


In the highly-saturated drinkware sector, it can be tough to stand out. One brand that has managed to make a splash is Corkcicle. These innovative, colourful, and durable tumblers and mugs have been featured by Buzzfeed, Goop, and even The New York Times for their award-winning design and sustainability initiatives. Consider investing in a unique and recognizable product like Corkcicle that will have the recipient reaching for their new favourite mug or tumbler day after day.


Branded company stationary is a hugely popular category that our clients routinely re-order. If a notebook is a part of your team’s daily carry, it’s a great opportunity to add your logo. A beautiful branded notebook goes a long way towards creating a polished and cohesive corporate image. Choosing a high-quality brand like Moleskine is a nice touch, and you may be surprised to learn that Moleskine’s current offerings go far beyond their classic banded reporter. There is an expansive range of sizes, colours and formats to choose from, with multiple customization options to help keep your image sharp and your team organized and motivated.


Though they are no longer a brick-and-mortar retail brand, the most important things about American Apparel have never changed. Their clothing is still sweatshop-free and it still fits like a dream. Unlike many more basic wholesale garments, American Apparel is known for their flattering and contemporary cuts and their impressive selection of trendy colours. AA has been a trusted brand for decades, so if you’re looking for elevated comfort basics with an above-average look and feel, American Apparel is worth the additional cost.


We may have saved the best for last. There are many reasons why The North Face is the number one brand in the world for outwear. The company has been around for over fifty years, and they regularly release new collaborations with luxury labels like Supreme and Gucci. Now you can now create your own North Face collab through MOTIF. We love The North Face so much that we recently placed an order for North Face Thermoball Jackets for the MOTIF team. It was a great way to recognize a big milestone, and our whole crew is looking fresh. We chose The North Face products not only for the unmatched quality but because a retail market jacket with our own logo on it is something extra special. If you’re looking for the absolute best in outerwear, look no further than The North Face.

Now more than ever, retail brands are partnering with promo suppliers to offer their products to custom manufacturers. We have seen this trend gather momentum over the years as bigger and better brands join the party. This is a great time to take advantage of the opportunity to associate your brand with everything a high-end product represents: quality, reliability, and desirability.

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