Joel Antymniuk

Founder and CEO

MOTIF Founder and CEO Joel has spent over a decade dedicating himself to the promotional product and custom apparel industry. His leadership and his vision for MOTIF is reflected in the strong relationships he has built with his clients and team. 

Outside of work, spending time with his two boys will always be his top priority and the reason for everything he does. His guilty pleasure is spoiling his kids, but never rotten.  Family aside, skateboarding and motorcycles are the things that get his mojo going. 

Joel is a master at derailing the team with sweet jokes (or so he says) and random observations in the hopes of one day pursuing a mediocre career in stand-up comedy. Until then, he is head over heels in love with his job and hopes to remain passionate about creating, appreciating, and providing an environment for like minded people to enjoy their work.