Holly Hudson

Account manager

Holly Hudson has a name fit for a superhero, and we think she lives up to it perfectly! Her super power would likely be eating the spiciest foods, or maybe her ability to speak four languages, or perhaps the super service she provides to her (equally super) clients. 

She is an avid outdoorswoman who loves camping and cycling. Holly recently cycled the west coast of the US on a solo trip, and she would love to do more bike trips in the future in other countries. Traveling to new places (and sampling their spiciest offerings along the way) is something she’d love to do; she’d likely hit up a vintage clothing shop or two while she’s there.

In her role at MOTIF Holly thrives when she gets to work and collaborate creatively with her clients and coworkers (whether it be on a project or jigsaw puzzle). She’d love to help MOTIF expand to clients across Canada and maybe even into other areas of the world.