Dougie Parker

Account Manager

Dougie is a Graphic Designer extraordinaire and one of the creative geniuses behind the curtain at MOTIF. He loves that he gets to be creative every single day, and enjoys hanging out with the rest of the MOTIF fam.

A family man through and through, he looks up to his parents and two brothers, and loves spending time with them outside of work. Food is Dougie’s guiltiest pleasure, and his all-time favourite is his wife’s homemade vegan tacos. 

Other things that bring Dougie joy include sitting around a fire, travelling, and playing music. In fact, he used to be in a band that was signed to a major record label, and spent several years touring across North America and Europe. Now that he’s settled into the wonderful world of marketing, Dougie has high hopes for MOTIF – most notably to keep kicking ass and take over the world.