Calina Pralea

Production Manager

Calina brings incredible precision and organization skills to her position as Production Manager at MOTIF. When she’s not meticulously triple-checking orders for quality and accuracy she likes to canoe, crochet, garden, and rewatch the same horror movies over and over again. 

Calina’s office quirk is laughing out loud to herself while listening to podcasts. When she’s not listening to podcasts, you might find her humming along to the Golden Girls theme song, which is often stuck in her head. Her favourite food is a two-way tie between anything her grandma makes and movie theatre popcorn. 

A softie at heart, Calina’s biggest inspiration is her grandma, and the most inspiring part of her job is watching MOTIF raise money for important programs and not-for-profit organizations across Saskatchewan. She hopes to see MOTIF expand their services all across Canada.