Andrea Engele

Graphic Designer

A treasure hunter at heart, our newest Graphic Designer Andrea brings a calming grandmacore energy to the office. When not creating incredible designs for our clients, you can find her on the badminton court, gardening, crafting, or with her nose in a book (or in a bowl of her Baba’s cabbage rolls, heavy on the sour cream & dill. Yum!). 

Andrea draws inspiration from her little brother (aw) who challenges her in a multitude of ways to push her creative limits. She also credits a 2015 trip to Kyoto as a major inspiration, and she’d love to go back someday. That said, her favourite part of her job is feeling connected to the city of Saskatoon and working with clients and business from across the city. Like the rest of the MOTIF crew, Andrea is a Saskatoon lover who finds meaning in contributing to important community projects and is eager to see the city grow and prosper.

If you want to win Andrea over, tempt her with a viewing of Mr. Bean’s holiday (“A cinematic masterpiece” – Andrea) and a plate of cheese. She’ll never say no! Who could?