Lonna brings a bubbly & personal vibe to her role at MOTIF. When she’s not getting wicked creative with design work she enjoys reading, drawing, camping, hiking, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her family at the dog park. She loves traveling and thrifting, especially traveling specifically for thrifting, and has never met a zipline she didn’t like.

At the office, she constantly raves about the comfortable chairs at MOTIF and gets excited whenever Muddy, the office pet, is around.

She is always hunting for the city’s best coconut buns and loves South Asian and Thai cuisine. She looks up to her daughter, who is weird, kind, creative, and knows exactly what she wants.

The most inspiring part of her job is helping local businesses create cool merchandise with a great team. Her dream for MOTIF is to lead in innovative and sustainable merch.

She loves treasure hunting in old buildings and once found a 100-year-old handwritten poem hidden under floorboards in Nutana.