PHR/Aids Walk Saskatoon

Prairie Harm Reduction (PHR) aims to improve the quality of life for all members of the Saskatoon community through gold standards in harm reduction.

PHR is a life-saving service, helping people at-risk and affected by HIV and Hepatitis C by reducing discrimination and deaths, removing barriers, pursuing innovation, and demonstrating evidence-based outcomes.

In 2020, with our help, PHR underwent a rebrand. We created their new logo, which showcases their Saskatchewan roots and positions them as a pillar in our community.

Working with PHR was an amazing experience from beginning to end.   We were able to use our unique skill set to create quality merchandise for PHR to sell and raise money for this vital cause.

The public support has been outstanding. PHR sells a lot of merchandise, and it makes us extremely proud to know that we had a small part in helping this organization. We love supporting and working with nonprofits. The work has extra special meaning when it involves furthering a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.